Mobile Phone Locator 4.7.2 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Protection for your mobile phone is vital in order to avoid it getting stolen or hacked but to protect it properly you need to have sufficient tools. Using the very useful tool called the Mobile Phone Locator you can always be on track with your mobile phone.

This tool comes with a variety of features to keep you aware about certain aspects of your phone. The Mobile Phone Locator lets you know where your phone is at all times via a computer Internet connection so that you can locate it using literally any computer.

The Mobile Phone Locator has the option to send an alert to your phone by making it scream. This can scare off people who want to steal your mobile phone when you are not anywhere near it. You can even choose to receive an alert if your SIM card gets touched or changed.

Protect Phone with Mobile Phone Locator. Monitor Your phone in Computer Browser.

Protect your phone now with Mobile Phone Locator. Easy to use, monitor your phone remotely via internet browser.

Login required using Google account, no seperate account needed!

Free feature (for whole life):

* Detect sim changed (NEW!)

* Find my phone (web&sms)

* Phone alert (make your phone scream!)(web&sms)

Premium feature:

* Remote phone lock with PIN

* Remote phone data wipe

* Remote check battery info

* Remote check Sim info


More detail:

* Detect sim changed (NEW!)

Notify when your phone is inserted another sim card via SMS

* Find my phone

View your phone location in Mobile Phone Locator homepage.

Remotely turn on gps let you turn on gps only when needed.

Nice user interface + phone location showed in Google Maps

* Phone alert (make your phone scream!)

Forgot where your phone put inside your house? This feature will make your phone SCREAM!!! very Loud!!

Make sure you are not using this in meeting room.

* Remote phone lock with PIN

Cant't find your phone? protect it by add-in PIN lock remotely!

People who got your phone can't see your phone content anymore.

* Remote phone data wipe

No luck to get back your phone? WIPE it remotely using Mobile Phone Locator!

At least your personal data won't leaked.

* Remote check battery info

Check your phone battery info remotely!

Use this to estimate how much juice you left to find back your lost phone.

* Remote check Sim info

Get phone information including new sim card inserted!

Who knows this info might useful for police report.


After activated service using Google Account, please proceed to Mobile Phone Locator website to start monitor your phone.

* Detect sim changed is only for GSM phone.

* Mobile Phone Locator is not compatible with Internet Explorer

* Mobile Phone Locator is a phone security application. So we prevent anonymous to uninstall the application if the service is activated. To uninstall, please disable the service and then only proceed with uninstall as usual.

Method to disable service:

1. Launch Mobile Phone Locator app in your phone and click DISABLE button.


2. Login to Mobile Phone Locator website to disable.

System Requirements:

No special requirements

Mobile Phone Locator 4.7.2 Free Download screenshot